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TourBooks® include detailed destination information, AAA approved and diamond-rated hotel and restaurant listings, attractions and more!
Travel Alerts
If you're flying today, check flight departures, security wait times and more. Headed overseas? Be sure to review travel alerts issued by the U.S. State Department.
AAA Gas Prices
Check out AAA’s comprehensive gasoline price survey. The survey is updated daily with average national, state and local prices.
Travel Guides
Get your complimentary copy of AAA’s special Travel Guides today!
Gas Price Calculator
Enter your vehicle information, your city of origin and your destination – AAA’s Gas Cost Calculator will calculate the estimated fuel cost for your trip.
Road Trips are a great way to see the country and spend time with family and friends.

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Our travel experts have come together to provide inspiration and indispensable advice for choosing your next adventure and making the most of it.
AAA Traveler

Travel Alerts

Travel warnings are issued if it is unsafe for you to travel to a particular country due to political unrest, violence, or terrorism. Travel alerts are issued when there may be disruptions to your travel plans due to strikes, disease outbreaks or other short term events.

Flight Delays & Security
Additional information regarding weather all over the country can affect your flights. Plus, you can check security wait times at the TSA website to see how early you should be at the airport for your flights.

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    AAA Maps

    Find nearby lodgings, restaurants, attractions and more. Download maps online or order maps for mail delivery.
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    TourBook Guide®

    AAA Tourbooks highlight places to go and things to do with ratings, recommendations & descriptions.
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    TripTik Routings

    AAA’s famous TripTik Planner provides comprehensive driving directions for trips close to home or across the US.
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