Become an Independent Travel Agent – FAQ

Home-based travel agents operate through AAA Ohio Auto Club (OAC), a host agency, as an independent contractor, which means that the agent has a great degree of independence as far as determining how and who they choose to do business with. Being part of a host agency, such as OAC, can provide full access to the travel industry, as well as a number of resources and support when they need it.   
By law, an independent contractor is not an employee. You will have access to our travel agency resources, but ultimately work as a separate entity. Being a home-based independent travel agent contracted through OAC means that they choose what vendors/suppliers they want to sell, whether they want to specialize in a certain niche market or book a wide variety of travel products, and types of travel. They handle every step of the process, from finding potential clients and building their clientele, to offering the travel products and making the booking.
There is a one-time enrollment fee of $150 and a monthly fee of $30.
The monthly fee covers the maintenance on access to travel agent programming, training, booking engines and the full support of the AAA Independent Agent staff.
Our enrollment process is simple. Complete and sign the Independent Travel Agent contract, AAA Ohio will complete a background check. Upon qualification, you will be entered into the Independent Agent Training Program.
Once the enrollment process is completed, you will meet with a member of our sales support team to set up a one-on-one meeting to assist you with initial set-up, complete registration for selected vendors/suppliers, joining our closed Facebook group and offer suggestions, if needed, for developing your business plan. You will continue to receive professional support should questions arise or if you should need any assistance booking reservations. Our help desk and travel support team are available via phone, skype or email. 

You do not need to have a background in selling travel to now enjoy a profitable and enjoyable career in the program.

Training is a key factor in success in the travel industry, primarily if you have never sold travel before. Our program is designed to give you the proper tools and guidance that will aid in being able to learn the ropes and begin earning money quickly. You will work with your trainer to determine your niche area to begin selling travel into during your training process. We will be there to help guide you on your journey into travel. 

Additional training opportunities are as follows: 

  • AAA Travel partner vendor training
  • Familiarization trips (FAM trips)
  • Online training courses to familiarize with preferred travel vendors




Regarding marketing support and assisting with your branding, you may use your business name and information on your own designed business card. If you need help coming up with a name for your business, we will assist you through your onboarding process to figure out a brand/logo that can be used on your personal promotional materials.

Additionally, through AAA Travel preferred vendors, you will have access to their marketing programs, which will allow you to send various direct mail promotions, a wide variety of marketing images, etc. to your clients.
The commission structure will allow you the potential of earning up to 75% back in your pocket through your travel sales. Commissions are paid out on a monthly bases. For more specifics, please email us at
AAA works with over 30 preferred travel partners, including Disney, Royal Caribbean and Viking Cruises. However, we have relationships with many more travel companies that you are free to book with. For a complete listing of our preferred partners, email us at
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