Coverage for your motorcycle – don’t leave home without the protection of AAA!

You wouldn’t leave home without your helmet – don’t leave home without the protection of AAA!

AAA knows you love the open road… The wind in your hair… the sun on your face… the bugs in your teeth. OK – just kidding on that last one. The last thing you need to worry about is a motorcycle breakdown. AAA’s got you covered with extended benefits for motorcycles with AAA Plus RV/Motorcycle or AAA Premier RV/Motorcycle. Spend less time worrying about a motorcycle breakdown and more time enjoying the open road.

Adding motorcycle coverage to a Plus or Premier membership covers all AAA members in the household for only $37/year.

*Restrictions apply on the types of RVs and motorcycles covered. For a detailed listing of covered vehicles click here.

Benefits Include

Towing: Four tows up to 100 miles for Plus Members | One tow up to 200 miles and any remaining qualified tows up to 100 miles for Premier Members.
Fuel Delivery: Free fuel delivered to get you to the nearest station.
Double Extrication Service: If your motorcycle becomes stuck in the mud, sand, snow or a ditch, it will be extricated or winched as long as it is adjacent to a passable established road or thoroughfare and can be safely reached from the hard road surface. If needed, a second truck and operator will be called in to help (up to one hour) at no additional charge.
Travel Interruption: If you’re traveling by motorcycle and are 200 miles or more from home and have a breakdown or accident, or if your motorcycle is stolen while en route, we’ll reimburse you for emergency expenses up to $1,500 with AAA Premier.
RV Coverage: when you add motorcycle coverage, your RV is also covered.
Free Car Rental: AAA Premier Members are also entitled to one complimentary one-day rental car with a qualifying, non-collision tow.
Bicycle Breakdown Service is now automatically included with membership! Learn More

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