Start the first step of your passport process with AAA! We offer discounts on passport photos for AAA members, including a free set for AAA Premier members.

AAA stores offer passport and immigration photo services. Photos are 2" x 2" in size and conform to US Passport and Immigration Services' requirements. AAA members and their minor children (17 years and younger) receive the photos for a discounted price of $10 per set (non-member prices at $12). Premier members receive a free set of passport photos per member, per year.

Check out for official federal regulations and restrictions on current passport processing.

Things to Remember for Your Photo

  • Don’t wear white!
    • The background must be white, and your top may blend in and make you look like a floating head!
  • No head coverings.
    • Only religious head coverings are acceptable and still cannot obscure the face.
  • No glasses.
    • No glasses or other face accessories.
  • No smiling!
    • Sorry for this one! Your expression must be as neutral as possible for facial recognition.

Passport applications are available at all AAA stores; however, AAA does not process passport applications. Complete passport information is available online at

Valid AAA membership must be shown for member prices, and member prices are applicable to the member listed on the card only. Child photos will be taken if the child is able to sit up without assistance.

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