Travel Insurance

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Trip Insurance

AAA offers trip protection coverage to help when the unexpected happens. When you buy travel from AAA, your travel consultant will explain our comprehensive trip protection plan. If you are making independent arrangements, we’ve got you covered, too.

Travel Medical And Evacuation

Foreign Travel Medical Coverage


Many travelers assume their medical policy will cover any illness or injury they experience while traveling. In reality, many domestic insurance plans may not provide adequate coverage, especially outside the U.S.

AAA offers Travel Medical and Emergency Evacuation insurance for both domestic and international travel. Get great protection with various plans to choose from, including single trip plans, extended trip plans or annual plans that cover multiple trips. There are no infectious disease exclusions, which means COVID-19 is covered as any other illness.

Travel Medical Plans - Emergency Medical with ‘Hospital of Choice’ Medical Evacuation Coverage

Plans provide protection for emergency sickness and accident medical expenses while traveling, including expenses for:

  • Physicians
  • Hospitals
  • X-rays, treatments and prescriptions
  • Emergency dental services


Travel Medical coverage also comes with Medical Evacuation coverage, which provides transportation to your home ‘Hospital of Choice’ unlike many plans which may only transport to the ‘nearest suitable facility’, plus numerous other benefits such as Trip Delay (includes quarantine), Vehicle-RV Return, Visitor Transportation and much more.       

Medical Evacuation Plan - ‘Hospital of Choice’ Coverage

If traveling and hospitalized with a serious or critical condition and in need of a medical evacuation, the upfront costs and the logistics to arrange such a transport can be daunting. The Medical Evacuation Plan protects you when traveling, with no deductibles or out of pocket expenses should you or a loved one be hospitalized with a serious or critical condition that warrants a medical evacuation. This plan is not limited to the nearest suitable facility like most travel plans which can leave you far from home, away from your family and out of your network.  

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