The smart way to pay for travel and more

Keep purchases secure and financial information private with the AAA MemberPay Visa® Prepaid Card. It’s the smart choice for budgeting and spending travel money, making online payments and sharing funds with family. Spend only what’s loaded and start experiencing safe transactions, anywhere, by completing your wallet with MemberPay.

AAA members save $5 on the AAA MemberPay Visa® Prepaid Card when purchased at your local AAA travel store. 


AAA MemberPay Visa® Prepaid Card
AAA Travel Money

Foreign Currency

Whether you were sightseeing in Italy or on business in Japan, save valuable time when you get home by exchanging your left-over foreign currency at any AAA store.

  • Receive competitive exchange rates
  • No shipping fees
  • Avoid long lines at airports and other exchange institutions

*Card issued by MetaBank®, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa® U.S.A. Inc. Terms and conditions apply. Card can be used where Visa debit cards are accepted.