AAA Roadside Assistance
Standing By, 24/7/365.

Is Emergency Roadside Assistance available to nonmembers?

Our number one priority is to get you back on the road and our AAA members get the best value on roadside services.

3 Tips for Getting Help

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    1. Download our mobile app or log in online to request roadside service.

    Use the mobile app to track your service vehicle, so you’ll know exactly when they will arrive.

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    2. Keep your card with you at all times.

    Download your digital card and add it to your mobile wallet for easy access.

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    3. Provide as much info about your location as you can including your phone number to be contacted.

    Identify any landmarks, road signs, buildings, or mile markers.

Why Choose AAA?

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    AAA Follows the Driver, Not the Car
    Unlike insurance or manufacturer programs, your AAA membership helps YOU, not your car. No matter what car you’re in, you can rely on AAA to come to your rescue.
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    Reliable Nationwide Coverage
    Service is available 24/7/365 in the US and Canada. So go ahead, take that road trip! We're here when you need us.
  • AAA Emergency Roadside technician and truck

    Trained Specialists Come to Your Rescue
    Our service technicians are specially trained to handle emergency situations. Whether it's a flat tire on the interstate or your keys and groceries locked in the trunk, our team knows just what to do.

Use the AAA Mobile App to request roadside assistance


You can begin using the expanded Plus/Premier roadside assistance benefits seven (7) days after your Plus or Premier Membership has been processed. During these seven (7) days you will receive roadside assistance at the Classic membership level.

If you add RV to your AAA Plus or Premier Membership, you can begin using the additional RV services seven (7) days after your Plus or Premier Membership has been processed.

Some benefits mentioned may not be available in all areas. Products and services are subject to change without notice.

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