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AAA provides quality oil and a 39-point inspection with every oil change

Our standard oil is full synthetic–you could say that sets us apart from the other guys. We use DuraMAX® Full Synthetic Motor Oils which provide superb performance for today’s gasoline powered cars, SUVs, light trucks and vans. They are specifically formulated to reduce fuel consumption, promote clean engines, and extend engine life, and are completely compatible with mineral or other synthetic oils.

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- 39-point inspection


- Topping off of all fluids


- Tire pressure adjustment



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Schedule Oil Change

- 39-point inspection


- Topping off of all fluids


- Tire pressure adjustment




*Prices apply to most makes and models and do not include applicable shop supplies, disposal fees and sales tax.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly Is Synthetic Oil? +

Full Synthetic

When your engine needs the very best, count on full synthetic oil. If our experts recommend this product for your vehicle, you can rest easy knowing it will resist extreme temperatures, have a longer life, and provide your engine with the lubrication and protection that it needs to keep you going.

With synthetic oil some manufacturers suggest intervals between oil changes with synthetic oil can be longer; In some cases as many as 15,000 miles in between oil changes or up to one year, whichever comes first. However, we suggest you always follow your specific manufacturer's suggested intervals.
In a nutshell, synthetic oil is thinner, resists temperature extremes better and generally lasts longer. You likely won’t notice any difference in how your car performs, but the durability characteristic is the most important from a car owner’s perspective, as it translates to less frequent oil changes compared to conventional motor oil.

During our standard 39-point vehicle inspection, the following aspects of your vehicle will be assessed and marked as green, yellow, or red. Green means the item is in good shape, yellow means it will need attention soon, and red indicates the item needs immediate attention. One of our expert staff will discuss these items with you so that you can leave with a solid understanding of the condition of your vehicle.

1. Cabin lights
2. Air conditioning
3. Heater
4. Dashboard warning lights

5. Exterior lights & signals
6. Horn
7. Wiper blades

8. Engine oil
9. Transmission
10. Power steering
11. Coolant

Under the Hood
12. Air filters
13. Belt(s)/tensioner
14. Hoses
15. Radiator
16. Battery
17. Ignition system

18. Brake pedal
19. Pads & shoes
20. Rotors & drums
21. Calipers & wheel cylinders
22. Brake fluid
23. Master cylinders

Under Your Vehicle
24. Engine oil drain plug
25. Wheel bearings
26. Steering
27. Shock absorbers
28. Struts
29. CV axles & U-joints
30. Fluid leaks
31. Exhaust
32. Catalytic converter
33. Differential (if equipped)

Auto Glass
34. Headlight clarity
35. Windshield & mirror condition

36. Tread depth
37. Tire pressure
38. Alignment
39. Balance

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Whether it’s routine service or a major repair, we have options to suit a variety of lifestyles and budgets.

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