Wheel Alignment

Protect the life of your tires with a wheel alignment from AAA.

Having a properly aligned vehicle helps promote even tire wear, provides even handling and stability, and improves your fuel efficiency. We recommend drivers have their wheels aligned at least once a year or when purchasing new tires. Furthermore, we know that life happens and understand that potholes and rough road surfaces can wreak havoc on your car’s alignment. That’s why we offer unlimited yearly alignment plans to suit the needs of our Member and Non-Member customers. By constantly maintaining the alignment on your vehicle you will ensure your tires and suspension components are always in tip-top shape.

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Why should you get a wheel alignment?

  • Maximize your investment – alignments promote even tire wear which extends the overall life of your purchase.
  • Better driving experience – you’ll get improved vehicle handling and stability.
  • Identification of other issues – alignments allow your technician to further examine other parts of your vehicle that aren’t easily accessed during a routine oil change, such as evaluating the wear of your steering and suspension.
  • Keeping more money in your wallet – you will have reduced rolling resistance or drag which equates to increased fuel efficiency.

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Payment Options

Whether it’s routine service or a major repair, we have options to suit a variety of lifestyles and budgets.

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