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(most members pay for their membership in just the first few months)

  • Roadside AssistanceGO!


    Your membership follows you, whether you are driving or riding as a passenger in your own car, or someone else's car, even a rental. With your AAA Classic and AAA Plus membership, you can receive 4 service calls per member. With your AAA Premier membership, you can receive 5 service calls per member. For each call, you can get Emergency Roadside Assistance for the following:

    Mechanical first aid GO!

    Trained repair technicians can attempt to get you back on the go with minor mechanical repairs at the roadside.

    Battery Service GO!

    batteryWe'll test your battery and with a quick boost, we can jump a dead battery and get you started and back on the go. If available, you can purchase a premium AAA battery and we'll install it in a matter of minutes.

    Tire service GO!

    Let us inflate and install your spare tire or if available, make a permanent repair on the spot.

    Emergency fuel delivery GO!

    If you run out of gas, we'll deliver fuel to get you to the nearest service station.

    Towing GO!

    If we can't get it back on the road, or if you'd simply rather have us tow it, we'll use the right towing equipment to take your vehicle to a repair facility you choose.

    Car lockout service GO!

    If you lock your keys in your car, we will unlock it for you. If we are unable to unlock the vehicle, we'll reimburse you up to $50 for the cost of a locksmith ($100 for AAA Plus members and $150 for AAA Premier members).

    Extrication/winching GO!

    If your car is stuck in snow or mud or otherwise requires extrication, we will provide standard towing equipment to get you unstuck. If necessary, we can also provide additional equipment to extricate the vehicle at AAA member-preferred commercial rates.

  • Discounts GO!


    AAA members can show their AAA card at over 150,000 locations worldwide to get discounts and savings on everyday purchases… discounts and savings that can more than pay for the cost of membership!

    Retail and Online Shopping

    GO!AAA members can save on everyday retail purchases at stores and online. Savings range from 5%-35% at local and national discount stores, apparel retailers, and online merchants.

    Hotels GO!

    AAA members can save 10%-35% on hotel accommodations by showing their AAA card at most national hotel chains. AAA also negotiates member preferred pricing at hotels across the United States and abroad.


    Theme Parks and Attractions

    GO!Save on admissions to Walt Disney World, Busch Gardens, Kings Island, Cedar Point, and hundreds of other popular attractions nationwide.

    Dining and Entertainment GO!

    AAA members can save 10% or more at many national and local restaurants.


    AAA Travel Stores GO!

    AAA Travel Stores have everything from name-brand luggage to convenience products, bags and specialty travel items to make your travel more comfortable, convenient and enjoyable.

    Optical and Prescription Drugs

    GO!AAA members can save up to 35% on prescription drugs, 30% on sunglasses, up to 30% on eye wear and eye exams, and 10% on contact lenses.

  • Member Discounts GO!


    Your AAA membership enables you to get discounts on all types of domestic and international travel. You can take advantage of our ongoing relationships with hotel, cruise, tour, international vacations and sports travel vendors.

    From the simplest hotel reservations to the getaway of a lifetime, AAA travel counselors can help you get the most value from your vacation budget.

    Contact your local AAA store, call 888.AAA.OHIO, or explore this website to discover the many ways you can save on popular vacation packages.

    Triptik® Routings


    AAA members can request free TripTik® routings, and AAA city, state and regional maps. When you request a TripTik® routing, AAA marks the route and details your trip with construction, driving conditions, restaurants, lodging, and fuel stops along the way. These are available at any of our convenient locations or you can print TripTik® routings and order maps anytime at


    Hotel Reservations and Discounts

    GO!AAA evaluates and ranks thousands of hotel properties through our AAA Diamond ratings system published in the AAA TourBook® Guides. We also arrange preferred AAA member rates and accommodations at the most desirable hotels, motels and resorts in the U.S. and around the world. Independent research has even shown that 67% of the time, AAA members save the most on hotel reservations at compared to other online hotel booking sites.

    Airfare, Reservations, and Tickets

    GO!AAA travel counselors can search for the lowest available airfare and best flight times based on your travel plans.

    AAA Member Rewards Visa® Card Go!

    All roads lead to great rewards with the AAA Member Rewards Visa® credit card! Earn unlimited rewards every day. The card lets you earn 3x points on all qualifying travel and AAA purchases, 2x points for gas, grocery & drug store purchases and one point for every dollar spent on all other purchases.

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