Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Priorities change as we move through the stages of life. Whether you're thinking of starting a family or looking forward to the leisure of your golden years, the right insurance products can help provide financial security so you can enjoy life at all its stages.

When others depend on you, life insurance is essential to protecting everything you've worked so hard to build. Later, annuities can provide needed income during retirement. AAA Insurance can help with flexible life and annuity plans tailored to your needs.


An annuity is a financial services product issued by a life insurance company that provides you with income payments in return for premiums you have paid. Premiums might be paid over a period of time or in one lump sum.

Annuities allow you to:

  • • Accumulate savings to supplement your retirement income from Social Security,
      pension plans and other sources
  • • Save money on a tax-deferred basis
  • • Invest for your retirement with no limit on the amount of money you can contribute.

Annuities Offer Advantages

Annuities are attractive additions to retirement planning portfolios because they offer advantages over some other types of investment vehicles and can help bridge the gap created by the shortcomings of traditional sources of retirement income:

  • • Social Security income alone may not be enough to cover living expenses for
      most retirees.
  • • Many sources of retirement income are taxable, which can greatly reduce the
      amount of retirement savings available to cover living expenses.
  • • Most companies have replaced employer-funded defined benefit pension plans
      with employee-funded investments such as 401(k) plans.
  • • Annual contributions to 401(k), IRA, and other government-created retirement plans
      are limited by law.

In addition, annuities offer many options for paying premiums and structuring benefits that allow you to customize the investment to fit your individual needs.

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Long Term Care

Not a subject that most of us care to dwell on. Failing to discuss or plan for the need for long-term care will leave your family unprepared to meet these high costs.

AAA Ohio has partnered with Marty Puin & Associates to bring you information about long term care, including what you can do to protect yourself, what Medicare and Medicaid will pay for, and about federal regulations regarding long-term care.

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