The School Safety Patrol $1000 Grant Award
AAA Ohio Auto Club helps former School Safety Patrol team members further their education after graduation through the AAA School Safety Patrol $1,000 Grant. Ten $1,000 grants are presented each year to high school seniors who once served as a safety patrol team member. Students in Ohio Auto Club territory may apply.
Information and application forms are sent to all public, private and parochial schools in Ohio Auto Club territory. Check with your high school guidance office to obtain the application form. Students must complete the application, including their academic record, safety patrol, experience, in-school and out-of-school activities and references, and a maximum 500-word essay.
Application must be signed by the guidance counselor or other school official and the applicant. 15 finalists will be chosen for a phone interview. Recipients are selected based on their academic performance, school/community service, the essay and the interview. Finalists who are interviewed but do not receive a grant will be awarded a $250 grant.

Applications for the 2014-2015 school year have closed. Please check back later for the 2015-2016 applications!

The School Safety Patrol $100 Grant Award
To honor the hard work of School Safety Patrol team members, ten $100 grants per year are awarded to Safety Patrol teams at elementary schools within AAA Ohio Auto Club's service area. Grants totaling over $7,000 have been provided to Safety Patrol teams to use for special events, to purchase incentives, or for other activities.
Applications are sent to safety patrol advisors who have completed the AAA School Safety Patrol enrollment form for the school year by the fall enrollment deadline.

Applications for 2014-2015 are closed. Please check back for the 2015-2016 applications in the fall.

School Safety Patrol Hall of Fame
The AAA School Safety Patrol Hall of Fame recognizes patrol team members who exemplify the spirit and purpose of the safety patrol program. Advisors are invited to nominate up to 3 students to be considered for induction in the Hall of Fame. The nominated patrol members will be asked to answer four short answer essay questions.

School Safety Patrol Advisor of the Year
The guiding force behind the AAA School Safety Patrol program is the adult patrol advisor. Their commitment to youth, their ability to inspire and encourage children - and their patience - has long contributed to the continued success of the patrol program. Principals, teachers, parents and students are encouraged to nominate an advisor they feel deserves to be named the AAA School Safety Patrol Advisor of the Year.
Applications are sent to the principal at schools that have completed the School Safety Patrol enrollment form for the current school year by the enrollment deadline.

AAA School Safety Patrol National Lifesaving Award
Established in 1949, this is the highest award given to students involved in the program. Recipients are selected patrol members who, while on duty, have saved the life of a person or persons in imminent danger. The Lifesaving Award has been presented to over 400 patrollers.
If you know of a AAA School Safety Patrol student whom you feel qualifies for this prestigious award, please contact the AAA Ohio Auto Club Traffic Safety Department:
AAA Ohio Auto Club
ATTN: Emma Lindholm
90 E Wilson Bridge Road
Worthington, Ohio 43085
Phone: 614.431.7882

AAA School Safety Patrol

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The 2015-2016 school year continues the 95th anniversary of the AAA School Safety Patrol™ program, established in 1920. Millions of young people across the United States and 30 other nations worldwide volunteer their time to help ensure the safety of fellow classmates traveling to and from school, and to serve as role models for younger students. AAA Ohio has an annual enrollment of over 10,000 School Safety Patrol team members.

The club's Traffic Safety department provides schools with no-cost safety patrol supplies and training, and administers special safety patrol programs throughout the school year. Enrollment forms for the AAA School Safety Patrol™ program are generally due in October, however, we will gladly accept them at any time during the school year along with the number of students who have been added to or dropped from patrol.

Download your copy of the AAA School Safety Patrol™ Operations Manual (PDF).
Download the AAA School Safety Patrol™ 2014 enrollment form (PDF).

For more information on any of these programs, contact Emma Lindholm at 614.431.7882 or email

Please note: additional information on programs or events is sent only to schools that have completed the enrollment form.

Participation in the AAA School Safety Patrol™ program qualifies schools, students and advisors for several awards and grants. Click on the following program titles for more information.

First a Friend, Then A Host

Through the popular FAFTAH program, AAA emphasizes the important role party hosts play in ensuring everyone has a good time and gets home safe. To help you plan safe and enjoyable parties, our store associates and members have shared their favorite non-alcoholic drink recipes for this great recipe guide. We hope you will serve and enjoy them at your next gathering!

Download Recipe Guide

Take the Don't Text And Drive Pledge

After-Prom/Year-End Celebration Grant

At the end of each school year, high school juniors and seniors look forward to prom, senior class events and graduation parties. All too often, alcohol or other drugs play a part in these celebrations. AAA Ohio is a strong advocate of the "None for Under 21" message for teens. To support this message, the club sponsors the annual After-Prom/Year-End Celebration Grant program.

Each year, ten $250 grants are awarded to schools or groups hosting school-sanctioned activities such as an after-prom party, a formal prom, senior parties or other year-end celebrations. Only one grant is awarded per school. To date, these grants have helped more than 100 schools hold substance-free celebrations.

Applications for the 2014-2015 school year are closed.

For more information, contact Emma Lindholm at 614.431.7882 or

Traffic Safety Poster Contest

AAA's Annual National Traffic Safety Poster Contest brings out the creativity in kids, while educating them on important traffic safety issues. This program aims to reduce traffic and pedestrian crashes, the #1 cause of death for children ages 14 and under.

Participation is simple. Encourage students to develop a creative entry, then submit utilizing the contest entry rules.

In addition, there are opportunities for the Grand Prize and a People's Choice Award!

Submissions for the 2014-2015 school year have closed and winners decided. Join us next school year for the 2015-2016 contest.

For more information, contact Emma Lindholm at 614.431.7882 or

Special & Timely Promotions

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