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        »     "How often should I change the oil in my 1967 Mustang?"
        »     "I was charged $750 for a tune-up. Does that seem fair?"
        »     "When I accelerate in my 2010 Honda Accord, my radio cuts out. What should I do?"

Even the most reliable car occasionally needs repair and maintenance or begins to behave in a manner that seems to defy logic. Whether you're having trouble with your car or simply have an automotive related question, AAA Ohio's team of ASE-certified technicians can help. Simply complete the questions below, and one of our technicians will e-mail you back during the next business day. Note: Fields in red are required.

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Please note: We cannot accept requests for Emergency Roadside Assistance via this form.


Note: Our technicians will answer your questions based on the information you provide. As with any mechanical difficulty, additional problems may arise once work begins. AAA Ohio Auto Club assumes no responsibility for any costs incurred. Technical answers and estimated costs are for comparison only and are based on an industry average for parts and labor. Your actual costs will vary.

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